Moving on, we are a city on the move; we’re a transportation city–built on the railroad with Orange County’s only municipal airport. When it comes to infrastructure our city had to start where we are, use what we have and do what we can. And we’ve done a lot!

The first phase of our airport remodel was completed last October, with the lobby renovation and the return of the restaurant. Wings Café, is bringing people back to the airport. It’s owned and operated by Brian and Sherri White, who are here with us today. The second phase of the airport’s renovation is targeted to begin in 2018 and will provide a much-needed face-lift to the exterior of the airport thus adding value to West Fullerton residents and businesses that operate out of and adjacent to the airport. Did you know more than 60,000 flights take place at our airport every year? That’s getting pretty close to 200 flights a day-take that John Wayne! The Fullerton train station really connects Fullerton to the entire region of Southern California. Our Train Station services more than 3,000 commuters every day through Metrolink and Amtrak, making it the busiest Metrolink station in Orange County.

When you are in your car around town, you know we are in the trenches with many road repairs and construction projects. Last year, the City of Fullerton kicked off a five-year, $184 million capital improvements campaign with the largest percentage of the money being spent on needed road, water, and sewer reconstruction projects. I know all the construction is inconvenient, but we’re seeing positive results in neighborhoods all across our community. Additionally, the City of Fullerton has partnered with OCTA on the OC Bridges project-the railroad grade separations providing increased traffic flow on State College Boulevard and Raymond Avenue, which are both targeted for completion in 2017 and 2018.

Now, let’s go to our next video, which will further highlight our infrastructure and transportation accomplishments, as well as touch on initiatives that the council will be considering in the coming months.

And yet even with our accomplishments, more remains: we must solve for “last mile” connectivity, mitigate student parking throughout our education district, better manage our downtown public parking assets, make progress on our phase two airport renovation and move forward on our transportation center specific plan.

Infrastructure is local government’s primary function and I’m confident this City Council will continue to prioritize improvement and investment in the bones of Fullerton.