Along with infrastructure, Public Safety is job #1 for our city. Our Police Department and Fire Department are the best in our region. It’s critical we retain the highest quality police and fire personnel in order to maintain the quality and consistency of our public safety efforts. We have prioritized giving our public safety the resources they need to succeed. From our innovative exploration regarding a fire department merger with Brea to being the first police department in Orange County to institute the use of body cameras to the hiring of five new patrol officers, we’re making sure Fullerton is safe!

Please join me in congratulating Fullerton and Brea Fire Departments Chief Wolf Knabe on receiving the prestigious League of California Cities Helen Putnam Award for their Fire Resource Sharing Program.

I’m also proud of the fine work our Police Department is doing to keep our community safe. Our officers are involved in our community in service organizations like Rotary, the Fullerton Collaborative and OCUnited, and take their job seriously. In fact, earlier this year, one of our officers, Sgt. Craig Odom, saved a choking child’s life at a local restaurant. It’s that kind of courage and presence of mind under pressure that really makes a difference for the safety of our community.

Another recent example of quick thinking in an emergency situation happened recently at our Community Center, when a patron went into cardiac arrest. Members of the Parks and Recreation staff as well as nearby patrons, called 911, but didn’t wait for the peramedics to arrive, they immediately started performing CPR, by utilizing an AED on the scene, and once emergency crews arrived, led them to the individual, who ultimately survived. In this next video, we’ll hear about how our businesses are partnering with law enforcement in our downtown retail district and more about our public safety and nonprofit collaborations in Orange County and Fullerton.

We are absolutely keeping our city safe by being vigilant in our support of public safety and there is more to be done. This City has partnered with neighboring cities and the County of Orange to purchase property that will be become a 24/7 multi service center and emergency shelter. Many thanks go to Supervisors Nelson and Spitzer for their courageous leadership and relentless passion on this. This new asset should be open in 2017. we must continue to support future patrol officer hirings to make sure we can meet any challenge that comes.

And our aging fire stations are another challenge. We’re currently working to modernize each station and I’m pleased to announce today that we recently received a letter of intent from Ketchum University – Ketchum is interested in acquiring our fire station 5 property on Yorba Linda Boulevard next door to their campus – they need our property for their upcoming expansion project – which is really exciting all by itself and I know we all look forward to hearing more from them about that– the fact that we could then build a new fire station – potentially on Cal State Fullerton’s property on the northeast corner of State College and Yorba Linda Boulevard is icing on the cake. This is a win-win!!