FULLERTON, CA—Running for a second term, Mayor Jennifer Fitzgerald today announced receiving the endorsement of the Fullerton Police Officers Association (FPOA). FPOA is the organization representing police and safety personnel in Fullerton.

“Jennifer has demonstrated leadership over the past four years as a Fullerton City Council Member (Mayor for 2016) and has a continued commitment to the betterment of our community” said FPOA President Stewart Hamilton. “She is a dedicated advocate to ensuring that our police force remains accessible and of the highest quality.”

Jennifer Fitzgerald was elected to the Fullerton City Council in November 2012.  In her first term, Jennifer played a key role in several significant accomplishments, including a $3.5 million retroactive refund of water rate overcharges, public safety reform, a substantive increase in funding to repair the cities’ aging roads and water infrastructure, and adoption of new transparency measures for public employee labor negotiations.  Additionally, Jennifer oversaw the passage of a balanced budget and was a leader in the effort to reduce unfunded pension liability.

Jennifer is  running for re-election to be a strong voice for Fullerton. Not many big cities feel like small towns, but Fullerton does. She will preserve our community’s character and strengthen it for future generations.