Balanced Budget

While other cities in Orange County are trying to raise sales taxes to prevent insolvency, in Fullerton, our budget is balanced!  Our five-year financial forecast shows a balanced budget to 2020.  We’ve done this by making the most of our assets and minimizing our liabilities.  We reduced the size of our workforce by around 100 people, combined two large departments into one Public Works Department and merged our Fire Command Staff giving Fullerton taxpayers, with that initiative alone, an annual savings of $750,000 since 2013.  We have plans to sell or long-term lease several significant parcels of surplus city property; we’re improving and maximizing our airport and we’re moving forward on redevelopment of both our transportation center and Amerige Street parking lots with new office and retail space.  There are opportunities everywhere to rethink how “it’s always been done”.  Those are the opportunities to create a government that is leaner, more responsive to the community and a better steward for taxpayers.