Public Safety

My top priority is to ensure that our community is safe; that our police and fire departments are well equipped and trained to protect us against danger. But that’s not the only priority with regards to public safety. I believe our public safety personnel must be held to the highest standard of conduct so that they can be trusted community partners. I’m proud of our public safety departments, proud of their commitment to excellence and their devotion to our community.

But I’ve challenged them to do more! The police department has embraced my challenge to dig deeper into our community by launching a neighbor-to-neighbor program which is designed to help residents get to know their neighbors better. Often first responders to emergencies are not police and fire; they are your next door neighbors. It’s extremely important to know who lives around you both in the case of an emergency and to help prevent crime. I applaud the police department in this effort!

For our fire department I’ve been working to ensure strong, local service for the best price. Our fire command staff merger with the City of Brea saves Fullerton taxpayers over $750,000 each year. In the next year, we’ll see if it makes sense to merge the rest of the department personnel and equipment. It’s this kind of creativity that inspires me; we can keep our services local if we dare to think in new ways.