Road repair, water and sewer pipe maintenance and replacement

The primary function of local government is public safety and infrastructure. In Fullerton, I take this responsibility seriously. After decades of woeful neglect of our streets, I’ve led the fight to put more resources into fixing our aging roads. In the past, Fullerton averaged about 1 mile of road repair each year. In 2016 that average is up to 7 miles of roadways that are being repaired or completely rebuilt. All over town on major arterials and small neighborhood streets, road reconstruction is happening.

See what is happening all of town:

In this current budget alone, we’ve doubled the financial investment in road repair and replacement, and we’re also getting more bang for our buck. We are now coordinating our road, sewer, and water repair to make our dollars go further. So now when we replace sewer and water pipes, we rebuild the road, as well. That makes sense and allows us to get more done for our community.